Our Studio



We opened our doors on the 9th of February 2020 and forced to close by the global pandemic on the 22nd of March 2020. Is that our story? No, not at all. challenging times often bring out the best in perspective. And for MTS, the journey unfolded since 2018 and every step of the way has been stimulating.

May 2018

This is when we laid our eyes firmly on the bare yet promising unit in Shams Boutik Mall. Why in a mall? As humans, we prefer connections that are convenient and accessible. To extend our mission of wellbeing to the community we felt that this location will fulfill it.

November 2018

Finally Happy! @art_novo truly listened to our design instincts of SIMPLICITY, NATURE, and LIFE! The devised proposal maximized the use of space while maintaining the feeling of sanctuary and openness allowing one to relax, focus and energize. The inspiration of the design is a simple and contemporary ‘forest.’ Thus, bringing the nature escape into everyday life.

April 2019

All Approvals obtained for the fit-out work to commence.

July 2019

While the studio is taking its time to take shape, the image of MTS has been vividly clear since the beginning. Hence, guiding the search for the interior decorations.

October 2019

MTS carries out its mission through hosting Pilates at the Park, a subsidized Pilates class is given to the community at The Reem Park!

January 2020

The fit-out works are complete and the studio is ready for viewings.

Start moving with us and free your mind and body

Start moving with us and free your mind and body