Lillian Castillo-Muller

Lillian Castillo-Muller

Master Pilates Instructor & Yoga Teacher Wellness Coach


Our Pilates Master Trainer and Yoga teacher with a somatic approach.

She is Personal Trainer Reps UAE certified Level 2 since 2019. Lillian is a certified Ashtanga, Hatha Vinyasa and Trauma informed Yoga. She holds two Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Trainings. One with the classical repertoire from Pilates Center of las Vegas and the other with a rehabilitation approach from PhysicalMind Institute NY. She specializes in Neurorehabilitation and Pathos Kinesiopathology of the lumbar spine with Polestar Pilates Miami. Her Somatic approach definition comes from Franklin Method and Feldenkrais techniques. Her Bachelor is in Contemporary Dance, her Choreographic and Interdisciplinary artistic Scenic and visual projects continue independently. 

She embodies the body as her source, for artistic creation, training, teaching or healing. The “sense of feeling” her mission as a teacher. Through her classes she seeks the understanding which implies an intelligent movement and congruence with a whole being. Lillian is fluent in Spanish, German, and English.